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Get your website Famous with User-friendly Content


Already have a website? Planning to have one? Make sure you only optimize User-friendly Content in your website for better search engine rankings.

What is Website Content?

It’s your website’s text and visual content which should be written and designed based on what your target audience search on search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing etc to visit the type of business you run.

How you make it User-friendly?

Find out Relevant Keywords
Search for relevant words to optimize. Write keyword research tools on Google then select any known keyword research tool and check out what words people write on search engines to reach out the business you run.

For instance, If you run a book store then you should search for keywords people write on search engines to reach out book stores for e.g. online book stores, book selling stores etc

Choose words that have low traffic searches instead of the ones that have high traffic searches. Reason being, there is so much competition on high traffic searches, businesses who have been doing SEO for years opens up on them so if you are new search engines t, it would take time to be visible on high rank searches so start with low traffic search keywords and once you are stable, then hit the high rank keywords.

Keep the Text Content Short & Simple
Do not use complex words to present your business on the website. Use simple and less words or visual graphics. A visitor is only interested to know the services in quick form.

Use of complex vocabulary and graphical concepts is not a good idea because people don’t have much time to understand, they want to read or see simple and short content that can benefit them.

Simple Search Engine friendly Content visibility technique Here I am not going to tell you any technical terms; according to the Search Engine Algorithms excellent Search Engine friendly Content is based on the following practices:
Use one focus word for one website page: for e.g. “Best Book Store”
Use that same word in the URL: for e.g. “”
Use the same word in Page title which shows up above URL
Use the same word in Header title which is the heading of your web page.
Use the same word in the first paragraph and last paragraph of that page text content.
Write 50 characters Meta description and use the same word anywhere in it: for e.g: “XYZ is the best book store in town that provides all type of books. Visit Now”. Meta description is your page description that is seen on search engines when your website opens on search engines. It’s the first content that somebody sees so keep it relevant, short and easy to understand.
Hyperlink the same word in the last paragraph of the text content.
If your web page presents images, rename the image file that best represents it. Also keep the image sizes as provided by web designer experts. Search it on search engines to find out best image sizes for website. TAGS:undefined


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